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Maken Pyydys was founded 1988. The store is old school in a good way, the store itself is not very big but you will be amazed when you see how it´s packed full with fishing and wilderness gear.

We have a really wide product range of fishing, camping and wilderness equipment, for example we have lots of different kind of boots and knives. Our services are also to set up ready the fishing gear you need; we will spool the line and tie the leader for you.

You can also find quality gifts and souviniers from us, such us specialty knives, wooden cups and many other interesting things!

We deliver internet orders mainly to Finland. But if you want to order outside of Finland, contact us by email or phone and we can settle the terms of delivery.
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Fishing in Kuopio

Because Kuopio is surrunded by the lake Kallavesi from every angle there are great opportunities to go fishing. There are also a lot of ponds that you can go fish to.

We give you advice and tips for fishing in Kuopio and near by. We will tell you what kind of fishing gear and licenses you need.

Fishing licenses and regulations

Fishing in waters owned and maintained by the city requires a fishing license. Angling, ice fishing and artificial lure fishing do not require a fishing license for under 18’s and over 65’s. Fishing at free-fishing areas is fully permitted for all. It is permitted to angle, ice-fish, lure-fish and spin using casting, and to use fish and crayfish traps. These kinds of fishing do not require a fishing license to be bought from the city; all other kinds of fishing are banned. Fishing and the fixing of fish traps is forbidden in Valkeisenlampi in the centre.


In the Kuopio area are a number of small ponds that are wholly or partly owned or managed by the city of Kuopio. These smaller waters are situated in residential areas or directly beside them.

Free-fishing areas are located at the western part of Iso Valkeinen (the Päiväranta side), Maljalampi, Rahusenlampi, Pitkälampi, Sammakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Litmasenlampi, and the centre’s Valkeinen.

Near by, about range 70km from Kuopio there are few places to go fishing: Kivilampi at Rauhalahti(5km), Iso-Valkeinen(5km), Lastukoski(about 70km), Viannankoski(about 70km), Äyskoski (about 70km). From these places you can get rainbow trouts, trouts, pikes and perchs. These places you need a certain license.

From Kallavesi you can usually get pikes and perchs but you can also get walleyes(pike-perch, zander) at summer. It is a highly rated fish in finland.